In the late Renaissance, at the height of Mantua’s artistic splendour, a young Jewish violinist burst through the barriers of discrimination and became one of the most renowned composers and performers at the court of the Gonzaga dukes. And in 1622 he revolutionized Jewish music with his Songs of Solomon, the first collection ever of originally composed music for Hebrew psalms and prayers. Yet very little is known about the personal and creative life of Salomone Rossi Hebreo – Salomone Rossi the Jew.

In this documentary, the prize-winning vocal ensemble Profeti della Quinta rehearse and perform Rossi’s music in the magnificent town of Mantua, in preparation for a special concert in the Gonzaga dukes’ pleasure palace. With the help of expert historians and musicologists, they shed fascinating light on this elusive man and his extraordinary music.

In English with English subtitles
Running time: 45 minutes
Picture format: 16:9 PAL, NTSC [Code:0, Worldwide],
-------------------- Blu-ray [Region Free]

2012 Lasso Film & TV Production
and Joseph Rochlitz



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